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Three features of Onepaper

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Quick Conseling

Guide you through the button at the bottom.

Supports PC and mobile

Anytime, anywhere as long as you have a browser.

User review

Park*Yeon(landlord, 40s salaryman)

Unlike paper contracts, I like that you can check the contract at any time. Oh, it's good that you don't have to worry about losing it.

Kim*Hyun(tenant, 20s student)

It's nice to be able to check the properties and even write a contract without face-to-face during the Corona period.

Kim*Hyun(tenant, 20s student)

People living in the countryside had to schedule one day to sign a contract, but it was nice not to have to.

Company History


Onepaper service

The purpose of One Paper is reducing the time spent on real estate transactions, spending time on more valuable things, and accumulating over the long termand to support safer real estate transactions using in-dataall.


Social venture establishment and operation

After being selected as a social entrepreneur nurturing project, Quroom Co., Ltd. was established for innovation in the real estate field. Quroom's mission is to solve the problems of the existing real estate market and provide a better experience to customers through Proptech.


Operate social group Honjoks

Honjoks is a social group for single-person households and conducted various public interest activities such as real estate knowledge, legal knowledge sharing meetings, joint purchase of fruit, and sharing events for single-person households.